NJICL Friday Race Alert – No Pre-Riding at Six Mile on Friday!

NJICL Friday Race Alert – No Pre-Riding at Six Mile on Friday!

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June 3, 2022

Chief Course Setter Jason Gonsalves is pumped to be back at Six Mile!

Dear NJ NICA family –

Tomorrow starts the final race weekend of the 2022 season! The weather looks great for the weekend, but the course is a bit wet from the last 24 hours, so we are asking everyone to avoid pre-riding today. Again, to avoid extra wear and tear on the course, please stay off the trails this afternoon. There will be plenty of time to pre-ride tomorrow morning and afternoon when the trails have had a chance to dry out.

Thank you all – really, all of you – for your support throughout the entire season. We look forward to catching up with all of you during one more great weekend of racing. One more time – let’s do this!

The NJICL Staff

Did You Check Your Start Time?

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Don’t forget – we’ve changed the order of the waves for Saturday. For the families of our middle school student athletes, make sure you’ve taken a moment to review the wave schedule. This weekend, 7th Grade Boys and 6th Grade Boys will go in Wave 1 at 10 a.m., all middle school girls will go in Wave 2 at 11 a.m., and 8th Grade Boys will go in Wave 3 at 12:00 p.m. Please note the times and plan accordingly!

Also, remember to take a moment to look at our NJICL Call-Up Report for Six Mile with your racer. The staging process will go much smoother if your student athlete has a good idea of where they are starting, and they are less likely to miss their call-up.

Reminder – if your student athlete was not pre-registered, they will not be on the call-up report and will start in the back of the pack.

Parking Updates for Six Mile

As discussed in Wednesday’s Race Alert, our parking plan for Six Mile is slightly different for this year. Please use 21-71 Jacques Lane, Somerset for your GPS. If we run out of onsite parking, you will be directed to our overflow lot (after dropping off your student athlete and their bike and gear at the race venue) and shuttled back to the venue via bus. The shuttle bus will continuously run back and forth between the remote lot, which is only a five-minute drive away, and the Jacques Lane location.

Reminder – no bikes or animals are allowed on the shuttle bus.

Last Chance to Volunteer!

We are still in need of volunteers for both Saturday and Sunday – in particular parking volunteers (a short 2 hour shift!), and stationary course marshals. If you can help, we would be so incredibly grateful! Head over to our Signup.com page and sign up today. Thank you!

Final Notes

  • Bring your wallet – it’s your last chance to get some sweet NJ NICA gear! We’ve got t-shirts, socks, stickers, water bottles and more. Stock up this weekend and show your NJ NICA pride all year long! 
  • A reminder – there is absolutely NO riding on Jacques Lane. It is a very dangerous road, and no student athletes or coaches should be out walking or riding on it. This is your warning – anyone found violating this rule will be subject to a yellow level penalty! 
  • Six Mile is famous for poison ivy, ticks, and being hot! Watch where you walk, bring bug spray and sunscreen, bring a hat, and keep drinking!
  • Our NJICL Medical Coordinator Shawn Doucette reminds all to start hydrating at least two days before race day. The day before race day should see you drinking double the amount of water you usually do. Proper hydration can help you with the heat, your endurance, and your recovery. 
  • Six Mile Run, like all other NJ State Parks, is a “carry in, carry out” park. Please plan to bring all garbage home with you! 

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